Custom Software Development

At Deepspace Applications we specialize in cross-platform custom software development for any and all business operation needs. Whether you need data-intensive desktop applications, mobile applications that be accessed from phones and/or tablets, or entry points via the web, we design application systems that work across all platforms.

We support application development that can be deployed via local infrastructure or the cloud. We understand that in the current age access to your data is paramount. We will work with you to determine the best environment for your data access while taking into account the three major considerations for data: accessibility, confidentiality, and integrity.

Business Operation Consulting

We truly feel that software development is simply the tool in which we provide our core services to our clients: consultation on business operations. We don’t want to tell you how to run your business; we want to help figure out the ways in which time is being spent on things other than your core business operations. The things we do are tailored to taking the stress out of running your business by removing the wasted processes that take minutes or hours out of your week. Some examples of how we can help include:

Do you have issues with scheduling employees, keeping track of the tasks to perform for your customers, or maybe just keeping your business assets properly booked? We have extensive experience in assisting with time management and can help to give transparency to your upcoming schedule.


Are you tired of sending out drab estimates to your clients? Are they not well-branded, lacking information, or simply taking too long to put together? Or maybe you’re having trouble tracking invoices you have submitted to your clients? We want to take the pain out of financials tracking, and can help to design proprietary systems for you, or integrate into your existing systems.

Tracking the inflow/outflow or materials can be a very complex process. Is your warehouse a disorganized mess? Are you in need of a barcoding system to make the tracking of goods easier? Or maybe you need to know the quantity of goods on hand. Let us help you get rid of those 1000-row spreadsheets.


Where are you selling your products? What are the customer types? What products are selling best, and which aren’t worth your time? Do you have seasonal sales fluctuations? Let us help you gain an insight into your customers interests.


IT Infrastructure Consulting

We don’t do just custom software development. In today’s age, it is simply not enough to have an application that crunches the numbers for you (we don’t build glorified calculators). Having a set of integrated systems is paramount to keeping up with the speed of today’s business environment. We will work with you to ensure that being a small business does not limit the resources available to you.

Data is king, and we take that very seriously. Have you been getting by with a decade-old server that sits in a dark corner of your office? Have you always wanted to migrate your data to the cloud and distance yourself from expensive internal infrastructure? We can help make this transition seamless.

Are you concerned about the integrity of your data? It seems that every day there’s another news story about a data breach. We know that for most companies, data is the most important asset, and we want to help protect it. We can help to figure out the best cybersecurity practices for your business, and hopefully get you back to sleeping at night.

Data Analysis

Our belief has always been that one of the most important things for your business is to ensure that you are capturing the crucial data that will help you to create the most informed decisions about your business. Once we have that data captured, the sky becomes the limit of what you can do with the data. Consolidation, summarizations, reporting, and charting are just some of the things we can do to help make your data transparent and keep you as informed as possible about your business.