Deepspace Applications, LLC was started in 2020 to serve the greater Frederick, MD area with quick and efficient custom software development solutions. It is our belief that businesses of all sizes – whether small and starting out, or larger and more established – should have access to the most modern software tools available.

Jake Butt, your owner and operator, started working for a local, small family business in Frederick after graduating from the University of Maryland. After years of producing systems for that small team, the business merged with a much larger group, but the need for efficient business software remained. Deepspace Applications was formed. We realized that it doesn’t matter if your business has 10 people or 120 people; there will always be the need for specialized tools for small and medium size businesses to achieve their growth potential.

Serving Local Business

We pride ourselves in serving businesses local to the greater Frederick, MD area. Operating just outside of beautiful Downtown Frederick, we aim to serve those businesses in the area that make Frederick such a fantastic place to live and grow a business. We want to do our part in helping local businesses and nonprofits achieve their growth goals through scalable technology. 

We know there is that “something” that makes your business special. Let us help you get away from endless time spent tracking down invoices, wondering what your upcoming schedules look like, or guessing at your inventory levels, and back to the reason you started your business in the first place.

Internal Operations and more

We specialize in systems that focus on internal business operations but can help with so much more. 

Do you need to replace a series of spreadsheets that have become too unwieldy to manage? Do you need a centralized location for all scheduling and asset allocation? Do you simply need an efficient way to track employee sign-offs on certain documents? Or maybe you have employees out in the field and need a better way to manage and track their company mobile devices? 

We will work with you to determine the best set of systems to make running your business efficient, so that you can get back to your core business practices.